By Herb Halling

Magnetic Jewelry has been popular for years for reducing pain.  But the big question is do they work and how do they work.  Magnetic therapy is unique in the sense there are no pharmaceutical companies spending bundles of money on studying magnetic jewelry because there is not a lot of money to make with FDA approval.  There are thousands of high quality studies on the subject, but no studies recognized as absolute, until recently.  Below are the facts we have found.

Magnets have been used in China for many years to treat pain and American doctors are slowly realizing that there are real benefits to be gained from magnetic therapy.  In the 1960s, NASA discovered that astronauts experienced a loss of energy and poor cell healing as a result of being outside the Earths magnetic field.

Doctors at New York Medical College studied the effect of magnets for easing foot pain in 24 diabetic patients.  They said the results were good but cautioned the study group was small and their finding preliminary.  They went on to admit they do not know why the magnets seemed to work.

Research in Japan shows there is a Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome likely caused by a decline in the earth's magnetic abnormalities in people that can be corrected with the application of external magnets.

Experts in China state: "The earth magnetic field is a basis for living being"  They have experimented with a "Series of Magnetic Health Care Ornaments according to the theory of magnetic lines of flux penetrating the points of channels and collaterals of the human body to regulate its physiological function.  The applied magnetic field has the effects of stimulating blood circulation, invigoration metabolism, enhancing immunity, and regulating and balancing endocrine functions, and thus it has health and therapeutic actions.  The results of long-term clinical application showed that wearing the magnetic ornaments can cure and prevent diseases, and they are good for your health."

Studies in England showed that magnetic bracelets provided pain relief for patients with arthritis of the hip and knee that was comparable to such treatment as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including COX-2 inhibitors.  Results showed that the average score on a pain scale index dropped 2.9 points.  Those with placebo magnets dropped 1.9 points.

A study at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in 1997 showed that 76% of patients with severe joint and muscle pain due to post-polio syndrome reported less pain with magnetic therapy, compared to only 19% of those who received placebo treatment. 

Today NASA has done considerable research on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, PEMF, therapy.  Their research suggests PEMF increases energy levels and stimulates cellular repair of damaged tissue.  Today both Russa and NASA provide PEMF devices on all spacecraft and space suits.  In addition, the FDA has approved PEMF devices for bone healing and depression.    For a good explanation of PEMF, see Dr Pawluk's video on YouTube and learn how magnetics helps your body.

Because of less stringent requirements, PEMF is widely used for treating animals by veterinarians.  PEMF is pushing patient recovery in new dimensions.  Enthusiasm for these techniques is mounting, as evidence and applications expand. 

Magnetic Jewelry made by the Magnetic Hematite Shoppe is made using magnetic beads made from magnetic hematite, also called magnetite.  Each bead has a rating of about 800 gauss, which is enhanced with a magnetic clasp, in series, witch has a magnetic strength rating of 3000 gauss. 

Our understanding at the Magnetic Hematite Shoppe is that magnetic jewelry improves the circulation of blood, increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the body.  The increased flow accelerates the rate of healing and reduces pain associated with injury.  Magnetic jewelry is particularly helpful for people with the following conditions.

Ached and pains  Bunions  Frozen shoulder
Allergies Bone Spur High Blood Pressure
Arthritis Carpal Tunnel  Migraines
Asthma Cramps  Lupus 
Acne Diabetes Rheumatoid Arthritis
Bursitis Fibromyalgia

Magnetic Jewelry from the Magnetic Hematite Shoppe is available in bracelets, necklaces, and anklets and can be ordered from our web site www.MagneticJewelry.NAME.

For general overall health applications, that can be worn 24 hours a day, we recommend the necklace.  Necklaces lay close to the carotid arteries and help reduce pain in the whole body.  For more specific applications, the bracelets and anklets provide relief for specific parts of the body.  Bracelets and anklets should be worn with care, as it is easy to lose them while working and playing.  If this is a problem for you we recommend a high strength 8 MM clasp.  The 8 MM clasp is about 5 times stronger than the regular clasps used in the industry.

There is a common misconception that the stronger the magnet, the more effective it will be in reducing pain.  However our experience shows that both strong and weak magnets have similar benefits.  However the stronger magnets will have an effect faster than weak magnets.  The difference may be 15 minutes compared to several hours for weak refrigerator magnets.  From a cost point of view, we do not recommend the stronger Neodyminium magnets over the magnetite magnets.  Most of our jewelry is a combination of magnetite beads in series with Neodyminium clasps.  The clasp being is series tends to increase the total gauss rating of the bracelet.

We also suggest the magnetic jewelry be worn intermittently for best results.  If worn continuously for 2 or 3 months, the body tends to adapt and short periods of non use are advisable.  As a guide line, go without the jewelry one day after wearing it for a month.

Magnets should not be worn if you have a pacemaker, or other implantable medical device such as a defibrillator, insulin pump, or liver infusion pump.  Also we have no proof that magnetic therapy is safe during pregnancy and there have been anecdotal reports of dizziness, nausea and prolongation of wound healing and bleeding among people wearing magnets.


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